Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Voiced / POEM: Rock Redemption by Thomas Rivet

Rock Redemption
When life striketh a tough time
Tread the damp seasoned ground
Sole on soil - glaring down
Leaves set aside by footsteps
Itchy feet, sigh
A sleek
Nay, rugged rock
into the rough.
It is
Precious, still.
Rumoured to house an opaque
Snow-toned stone;
as beauty shines -
... !

By Poseidon, it has been under-ed!
Lanced thru thy heart of lake
Seek it, rookie seaman
For Human’s sake?


Friday, September 13, 2013

Voiced / POEM: Back to Blank by Thomas Rivet

Back to Blank
What lies before my eyes?
It's a spout of snow,
for free and on show,
outside my very window.

At night,
the fall of flakes hide,
behind my blued curtain.
Blocking the sight,
from my stance inside.
I have become uncertain.
"What is that-
Which flowed with such downward might,
across the beams of that lamplight?"

"It is something that you know." Whispers Mother Nature.
I remain unsure.

"It is frisk and frozen...
and happens over four months, out of a dozen."

I knew, I knew, I knew.
I will wipe the suspense out of my mind,
to refresh my memory anew.
I will not rewind.

Destroying my tainted curtains was the right thing to do.