Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Voiced // SHORT SERIES: Isabella III by Thomas Rivet

My lady of the sunshine, Isabella, soon began to wander
the rustic whereabouts surrounding our empty abode. 
Silence crept through the unsettled lands;
waters ceased to flow, birdsong felt banished, only the winds 
breathed down our spines.
There was a presence - au contraire - an absence.

Isabella said nothing.  She would only murmur to me; 
invariably ending her utterances with an adorable giggle.  
Her cheeks would refine, 
turning red - matching her palpable ruby lips.

She seemed detached; Isabella stopped bathing, but would return 
drenched from the nearby marshland; mumbling profanity. 
Isabella was swirling into severe psychosis.

"Gods! Gods! Forsake not - forsake me not,"
Isabella, in impulse, exclaimed from our stone balcony,
with no one to hear her despair.


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