Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Voiced // SHORT SERIES: Isabella IV by Thomas Rivet

One evening, under a crimson skyline, Isabella ceased
her usual stroll from the muddy marshes.  Her movement
paused as she gawked at the two fungi-ridden towers
that stood at the entrance of our medieval-esque dwelling.
Isabella suddenly
felt disorientated - letting out a scream of agony,
as she pressed her fingertips
on her temples to alleviate the overwhelming pain.
She took the matter in her own hands; 
hurrying to our kitchenette -
stumbling and knocking herself against
the matured wooden stools and tables
that stood in her way.  Isabella fearfully
searched for any item or ingredient to
provide healing.
Isabella thought a ground-vegetable broth would resolve
the excruciating aching.  Despite her effort, it was of no avail.
She was overcome by her weakness ... and fell unconscious.

Days, weeks passed ...

Isabella rested - soon recovering from her
macabre fall, she then crawled to our bedroom after awakening, 
spending many fortnights under the bed sheets ...
thankfully, that is all it took to have her emerge, 
almost transcendently.

Particular events preceding our way to our yonder abode
were now carefully being pieced together, and
there were some discrepancies.

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